Another much appreciated late entrant into the seasonal sack of ear candy listening groove, a three track festive sortie from the Small Bear collective. Going by the name ‘ARTifact004’ this late to yuletide plate as said, features three acute cuts from a selected gathering of Small Bear regulars, the celebration starting with an abrasive agitant from postcode in the shape of the face peeling gusto of ‘bah humbug’ which in short is a nifty serving of two step pogoing eye popping n’ noise niking Sonic Youth frenzy, need we say more. Preferring to operate in more twinkle toned and homely hushed environs, Nanaki’s ‘Somewhere In The Dark Of Night, Nine Reindeer Take Flight’ is delicately brushed with a magical yearn that’s tenderly turned in a lulling and demurring dreaminess that’s all set off with a wonderfully impacting sky soaring moment of Sigur Ros like euphoria erupting at the 2.43 moment – absolutely breathless stuff. Its left to Harmony Dischord’s ‘Reindeer In The Sky’ to wrap up matters courtesy of a spot lo-fi erupting glam gouged frost flecked feedback fuzzing anthem grooviness which just between you and me sounds like classic era the Crimea sparring with Jonny Cola and the A Grades. Available on a pay what you want free to download.

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