Whatever your point of view or which side of the divide you stand, one thing that’s agreed is that these Brexit discussions have been reduced to such utter farce that it’s a struggle to have any notion of faith in our so called leaders that they are doing the best for the majority and not the protecting the vested interests of the minority which appears to be the case. That said, in the good old days, pop was always seen as an agitant rallying against indifference and inequality, not these days, for it seems Warhol’s chilling fifteen minutes of fame vision has seeded an era of greed, falseness and despondency wherein the voice of reason seems if not gagged, then unsettlingly quiet. Happily Bigflower buck the trend on both scores, gouged in frustration and superbly wired with a yawning weariness, ‘nothing has changed’ lashes out with gnawing incredulity, a face slapping wake-up call bedevilled with despair, agitation and helplessness all skinned and framed in a given up lethargic discordance.

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