the lancashire hustlers

Gutted that we missed the strictly limited lathe cut of this put out by the Do It Thissen folk through the bands own Sleep Hill imprint, I wouldn’t say it’s ruined our Christmas but let’s just say since finding out they’ve all gone that the once well-stocked and cheery Yuletide tree doesn’t look so twinkly now. Anyway, there’s been a little debate raging around here as we were going to say of this, that those of you fancying your seasonal sounds somewhat dashed in withdrawn head bowed melancholia might be minded to seek out the Lancashire Hustlers’ Christmas bruiser ‘snow upon snow’. However, the Thissen people look upon this as being slightly upbeat, all of which had us instantly putting it on loop play to see if there was anything we’d missed. ‘Fraid not, I guess the message here is the invisible and the disappearing, snowy metaphors covering the shame of society and, moreover, the solitude of the lonely, the lost and the forgotten. Now, we are getting a little light on merriment here aren’t we, but joking aside, the bruised wounding of this cuts deep, its not for everyone the happiest season of the year for Christmas haunts like no other time. It’s not that ‘Snow Upon Snow’ is a downer, far from it, beautifully crafted with a strangely radiant and snaking motif, itself exuding a curious fuzzily glowed homeliness, yet scratch away at the surface and there’s a pause to step back from the race for a chance to see out of the consumerist box. If you must, the years ‘Fairytale of New York’.  

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