Still with fuzz club for something released earlier in the year that featured on his debuting EP as Medistation, this is a newly peeled video accompanying the track ‘I never knew’ by Eric Strand. Now every now and again, a rare occurrence mind you, something comes along that just simply blows you away to leave you inconsolably at a loss when it parts and the stylus finds its resting spot. In recent memory I’m thinking the Devastations, the Butterflies of Love and most notably, Cheval Sombre, we could go further back but I’m guessing you’ve grasped the point. This ‘un is one of those occasions, liable to leave you wounded and scarred in its wake, everything about it is precision poised, from its matured smoky country toned vintage to its aching riff opines, this head hanging gem arrives distilled in a woody aromatic, a lonesome wanderer cradled in regret all haloed in a melancholic radiance with only a photo of the King as a clue. Utterly devastating and beautifully sighed.


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