Why, what is this eerie enchantment that haunts us with its sinister serenade, why it be those acutely kooky Quimper folk with a handful of peculiar posies, petrified presents ghosted in a sepia vintage all weaved with a woozy wintry wonderland weirdness. ‘Elapsed Songs 2018’ is a collection of five ethereal waltzes that didn’t quite sit rightly with the years previous releases. Gathered together, these orphans endear and arrest from the same hymn sheet, cutely tailored with a shadowy magic land fashioning, these pretty ghost lights creep, coo and caress a merry macabre much like a soundtrack to some lost 40’s filmed fairy tale brought to life in an animated monochrome by an impish Tim Burton, ‘pokey nose’ with its dream weaving hallucinogens perched prettily rewiring ‘dance of the sugar plum fairy’ mirages to the twisted suspense of    Hitchcock’s iconic ‘Vertigo’ replete with a skin tingling tightening knot of tension. Similarly toned with mystery and magic, the haunted carousel that is ‘Awake’ spirit walks terrains more commonly trod by Keith Seatman while ‘a mammal cannot be a plant’ is awash with chill forming twinkling ivories that dink, dissolve and disfigure to the spectral whisper of ethereal echoes to craft a wonderfully haunted displacement. Breaking the sinister spell, ‘Cud’ provides for a playfully ornate seasoning of intricately weaved skipping rhythmic cycles leaving ‘the liquid around my leg’ to spray an affectionately lulling handful of magic dust whose sleepy headed nostalgia glows with a snow kissed chamber-esque clockwork eerie. Adorable in a word. https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/elapsed-songs-2018  

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