emma tricca

Think we might have inadvertently side stepped this one when we last visited it, the flip side to that very excellent and recent Emma Tricca outing for Sonido Polifonico. As previously, these are ridiculously limited in nature, am I right in saying, somewhere around the 60 odd mark, all pressed on clear lathe cut wax by hand (see 345rpm) replete with a festooning of inserts, badges and hand crafted tokens. Anyhow the main reason for mentioning this again was essentially to make note and draw your attention to the flip side ‘Julian’s Wings’ here in its demo variant and sounding by these ears prettily daydreamed with a fragile folk forlorn which, unless we are deceived, has about its wares a very distinct Sandy Denny ghosting seductively sighing from the shadows.

See also …… https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2018/12/01/emma-tricca/

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