Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 – Americas´Attack

staying with the TBTCI folk, well worth a listening peek, ‘Come On Feel The NoiZe, Vol. 2 – Americas´Attack’ is a 20 track gathering that relocates itself to the South American territories to sample the seismic happenings on the underground. As is typical of these things, time constraints so on and so forth, we’ve concentrated our lobes of two killer nuggets from this formidable collection those being introductions by Seatemples and Culto Al Qondor. The latter mentioned serve up ‘E1’ – a mammoth and monumental 12 minute head trip of coolly mesmeric deeply tranced out kraut groove that apart from sounding absolutely bonged out comes possessed of an astral alchemy that suggests an imagined collaborative head to head between Da Captain Trips and Sendelica. Seatemples on the other hand, stump up the deeply contrasting ‘Seaweed’ a superbly poised dream weaving honey grounded in a beautifully brooding psychedelic weaving that could on any given day be passed for something peeled from a prime time the Church or the Chemistry Set back catalogue. 

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