Orkesta Mendoza

been a while since we had cause to hang out the bunting for new Vacilando ’68 groove, with this one, a covers EP by Orkesta Mendoza entitled ‘’La Caminadora’ is set to land any day soon. Now us lot around here, well you see, we don’t often read press releases, certainly not before hearing the band or the artist in question, more so we don’t really take any heed of titles first time of asking, in truth its normally a case of open link, play and see if it provokes a whiff of interest in the first thirty seconds. Now had we read the press release, checked the title and maybe done a little casually light nosing among the comments and the contents of the email that this came with, then quite possibly 15 seconds of our life would have been saved from scratching our heads annoyingly thinking what does this remind me of or where have I heard it before, a game I suggest, not fun and quite a frustrating thing when you are dealing with ‘chemo brain’ ha ha. Of course, it’s Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ here given a gloriously technicoloured tailoring initially hinting of a mellowing 70’s haziness which when peeled away, reveals the sultry teasing of a coolly subtle and woozy tropicalic flavouring that’s tripped with a vibrant feel good and adorably radiant giddy up with just the merest svelte toning of a ska smoked salsa seasoning to ice its topping.  


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