green cookie sampler

Oh how we miss our regular diet of twang-a-rella, so its to green cookie records of Greece that you have to thank for bringing upon your listening space the retro rumble of Satan’s Pilgrims’ ‘turkey trot’. The cut heads out of a free to download groovy 6 track Green Cookie sampler, a hip wiggling strutting peacock possessed of the kill switch cool of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet in a cosmic fist fight with the much missed Man … or Astro Man. Likewise, sounding as though they’ve just fallen out of a youthful Tarantino film set, Los Venturas’ beach surfing “Go Go GTO (Full Throttle)” is slickly steeled with a sumptuous wiggy wiggle while elsewhere, you’ll find the rarefied seducing mystic surf delights of The Akulas princely “Rustines” which to these ears at least, is cut coolly like a deliciously demurring arabesque astral with the soft sprinkling of Meek-esque magic dust. Equally adoring and time locked into a 60’s vintage, Los Javelin’s “Achtung Lab” has the kind of mysterious space spy oompah that in an alternative history might well have graced some coolly hipster-ish Gerry and Sylvia Anderson televisual happening. Up next, Los Daytonas nail perfectly that silver age Shadows groove with much aplomb on the smoking spaghetti western mellow murmur of “Matalos Y Veulve” – very Phantom Surfers by our reckoning. Bringing up the rear, you’ll find The Bardulians cooking up a delectably snaking and smoking slab of organ and horn laced wig flipped woozy with the tail feather wagging “Idaho Goat”.  

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