pye corner audio

If like me the mere mention of Pye Corner Audio and Ghost Box records being uttered in the same sentence has the effect of having you sitting bolt upright with the expectant look of wide eyed child around a present laden Christmas tree, then the news of both forging an alliance braced upon the imminent arrival of a new solar suite ‘hollow earth’ might just send you into frenzy. Set for release next month, ‘Hollow Earth’ may yet prove to be Pye Corner Audio’s most realised and quite possibly, most listener friendly release to date. Somewhat serving as an affectionate homage to the cosmic transcendentals of the 70’s, this kosmische orbital at once draws deep from the vintage future gazing opus’ of Vangelis (both ‘hollow earth’ and the parting ‘the hidden city’ being cut with the same warming tech treated emotional touch as belies the Greek composers more intimate suites, the latter especially assuming a dream drifting divine like radiance with the former immersed longingly in rippling pools of pure synaesthesia), Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre. As though achieving a state of self-awareness, Mr Jenkins comfortable in his sonic skin plugs into the futuristic nexus to calibrate these silken solar symphonies with a language / sign code that’s shimmered and informed of a golden age tongue that’s both yesterday, now and tomorrow, the sumptuous serenade of huge wide screen synth lines and the sparing application applied in ensuring maximum return on minimalist input is simply audacious and inspired. Liberated and free thinking, ‘hollow earth’ wrestles back electronicas ability to dream from the genres more darkly dystopic quarters, both joyful and optimistic it rephrases the old ways of 90’s techno for a new hope, ‘mindshaft’ particularly finding Jenkins hankering for his younger clubland days – FSOL anyone while the sheer majesty and celestial poise of ‘imprisoned splendour’ will simply floor you in its grace fall. Then of course there’s always ‘surfacing’ with its hypno weaving pulsars and VHS styled grooving leaving only ‘dancing shadows’ to perhaps buck the trend and evade the script to emerge as a darkly dinked sore thumb much mirrored in the image of a ‘the box’ era Orbital .

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