the bordellos

A brief message from Brian Bordello advising us that this edition of the underground tapes will be the last, this one being the 18th in this ongoing series of relics, lost sounds, rare alternative takes and radio session appearances that to date has near unearthed just shy of 100 tracks. As with previous visitations, 4 tracks loom on this latest dig, opening with the deep dark and sleazy decadence of ‘He Misses those Days Of Poofs And Birds’ this version recorded for a Neil Crud Tudno FM Radio Session, a damnable tale of the days of the seedy excesses of pop life in the 70’s all set upon an ill and sickly discontented maudlin melody whose harrowed hatefulness for the subject matter, circles with strangling intent. ‘burnt’ I’m happy to say is a lot lighter and upbeat, a somewhat wonderfully dishevelled garage giddy up that scowls, lip flicks and cools with a youthful Stones vibe while best moment of the set looms with the appearance ‘a girl named danger’ which here in its purest skeletal form is toned with a snaking and smoky understated beauty that teased in a subtle shading of wistfully Autumnal pastels. Leading matters out, ‘brief taste’ features Dee Claw on guest appearance duties, a wonderfully wrong, wonky and weirded out gem that finds the Bordellos for once attentive of the pop play book and cooking up something disturbingly catchy albeit a little out of focus yet all the same blessed with a little wiggle some hip shimmy.

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