Adderall Canyonly

The latest essential ear groove heading out of the bijou sleep FUSE imprint (tomorrow as it happens), a six track set ‘the unburdened present’ by the ridiculously prolific Adderall Canyonly. Limited to just 30 copies, the set follows hot on the heels of the much admired Polytechnic Youth outing ‘museum of fire’ and features six newly woven suites which as previously, lurk on the far side of the electronic spectrum and something which the press release so directly advises ‘delivers more superb retro analogue synth babble of the highest order’. Now while we wait for our copy to land, sorry no sound links just yet we’ll just say in advance of a full review, that yes while this weaves through the intricate and kindred labyrinths of dystopic future glances, VHS styled 80’s soundtracks and all manner of cosmic call signs, might we suggest you hook up to the sore thumb ‘strange futures and slim fortunes’ which momentarily breaks ranks and goes off script to carve out something strangely trippy and hazy, a kind of cosmic hobo dust draped in wasted spectral motifs the type of which, sound not unlike the kind of warping hallucinogenic grooving you’d expect to decorate the listening space of the zonked out crew of John Carpenter’s ‘dark star’.

No photo description available.


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