deep cut

Staying with the Gare du Nord community a little while longer, not content with adoring your listening space with a killer twin set from Twink, but there’s also the small matter of a new full length from Deep Cut for you to somehow evade of its seductive charms. Now we’ll admit a good deal of apologies our owed here to both label and press folk, for this ‘un slipped the net a tad, indeed played, adored and primed for fondness, but then mislaid, overlooked and forgotten. Now there is a place, I swear, in our gaff, where records and CD’s go, perhaps they are partying or on a little get away from it all holiday, one thing is for certain they aren’t on the turntable being played, Deep Cut’s incoming ‘different planets’ being one of them. Due to land towards the end of the month, you can expect full adoring at the weekend (now that we’ve unearthed the relevant links – the CD alas is still on vacation – somewhere, for now an overlooked teaser trailer in the shape of ‘Still Counting’ has been causing a fair amount of admiring swooning around these here parts. A demurring dreampop dandy seductively sugar spun in oodles of cruise controlled feel good radiant effervescence from off which spiral showers of love noted bliss blisters. Quite perfect if you ask me, still not even the best track from the album, which on initial listens seems to waver between ‘No’ and ‘the last goodbye’. Over on the flip, you’ll find a nifty slice of Lush loveliness in the guise of the adorable ‘hanging around’.   


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