papernut cambridge

Fancy a little something kooky, kitsch-y and seasoned with a soundtrack from a simpler more innocent time, something, perhaps say, like a second volume of ‘mellotron phase’ from Papernut Cambridge. This is so wonderfully nostalgic and 70’s that it ought by rights to come with a bag of spangles and flying saucer sweets, certainly something to file alongside the spate of recent library related releases put out by the likes of Anthology (‘Unusual Sounds’) and Buried Treasure (‘Moodsetters’) for ‘Mellotron Phase’ is a ramble down memory lane, a snapshot of English peculiar that has one imagining rummaging through old photograph albums with you the principal protagonist in a weirdly surreal Mr Benn set up, one minute at the seaside fun fair (‘Boss Club’), the next at the park on Sunday parade as a Pepper-esque band leader perhaps as on marching kaleidoscopic ‘sergeant major mushrooms’ or tooting a spot of cosmic jazz courtesy of ‘Cygnus Probe’ which in truth isn’t many light years removed from the solar rumba cooked up by Stereolab on ‘Cobra and Phases’. ‘mellotron phase’ is sonically landlocked in the 70’s and that’s no bad thing for here converging cross roads ricochet with sign posts pointing in all directions, at once to fading overgrown pastures of a psychedelic idyll to silver age space dreams and a simple suburban reserve. At times affectionately fixing you back in front of the living room goggle box watching ‘Vision On’ and ‘here come the Double Deckers’ or as the case be here a nifty spot of nifty Mancini cosmopolitan groove (‘getaway suit’). ‘Mellotron Phase’ serves as a wonderful curio, a fun packed page turning annual of lost memories from where appear the smoking cocktail lounge of ‘Parker’s last case’ with its dreamy futuristic TV21 velour rubbing shoulders with the Meek-esque meets youthful debut single era Go Team toning ‘a cowboy in Montmartre’. While elsewhere, ‘spirit maze’ cuts a sumptuous nocturnal moonage that could easily pass for some Brit folk horror eerie with its festooning of waltzing pastoral dissipates. Limited press all on 10 inch vinyl with the CD variant arriving accompanied by Volume 1 as a bonus, heels teeth, these Gare du Nord folk certainly know how to treat you.   

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