mike vickers

grab yourselves a copy of the latest Electronic Sound subscription bundle and you’ll find tucked away inside, a seven vinyl featuring two tracks by Mike Vickers taken from his acclaimed KPM release of ’72, ‘a Moog for all reasons’. A wonderful slice of vintage technophobia (‘the Adding Machine’) whose initial playful wires n’ valves gloopy, charms with a ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ like eerie as were re-imagined by Louis and Bebe Barron, a lilting lunar affectionately outer-worldly and futuristic, it soon takes up something of a deranged hostile macabre whose quickening tempo and frying circuitry overloads assume a nightmarish meltdown Moog madness from out of which trip a swarming sinister army of analogue ants. As to the magazine itself, I’m afraid I’ve not had a chance to take up a speculative read as yet, what with copies of Simon Goddard’s  ‘The Comeback: Elvis and the Story of the 68 Special’ (which ought to compliment the watching of the two part documentary ‘the Searcher’) and an at last final nailing down of ‘Flexipop! – the book’ – yes I know its been out for a while, but a much ‘wanted list’ curio of this most odd and off the wall music publications of the 80’s.

Anyhow back to Electronic Sound, a Moog adoring special which as noted in earlier dispatches, is running a competition to win a rare white label of the recent Polytechnic Youth compilation ‘popcorn lung’ which we believe is now sold out at source, you can find a link to the competition here https://electronicsound.co.uk/win/?fbclid=IwAR14cOrvMJsO-qoc6IzgMt9eI_z5H4yeJbBhTQQonJxKkvzrmga_HVtLD6w  – this being the 49th issue of Electronic Sound, that means next time out it reaches its landmark half century and with that a very special vinyl insert for subscribers featuring two cuts from former Kraftwerk melody man Karl Bartos, this one comes wrapped in a gatefold sleeve that includes a poster that depicts an interview given for the publications debut issue. www.electronicsound.co.uk   

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