Kungens Män

Set to drop out of the Riot Season sound house mid-February, a colossal third eye awakening rapture from Sweden’s Kungens Män by the name ‘Chef’ from off which the eight minute teaser ‘’Öppen För Stängda Dörrar’’ has been sent ahead to instigate its mind expanding want. Its best to say that this is a slow burner that takes a while to kick in or as that Peel bloke would no doubt have commented, starts slowly. Despite this, ‘Öppen För Stängda Dörrar’’ quickly achieves its trajectory and plateaus, though not before locking and fixing you in its blank and empty stare to burn you from the inside with its hypnotic pulse waves, themselves radiating with such intense mass morphing density, that it’s as though they are consuming every inch of the listening space. A weird eared beardy mystical trip spirited away with an ageless primitive tongue forging a snaking path to a stoned out hazy oblivion. Think we’ll leave it just there.  https://soundcloud.com/riotseason/kungens-man-oppen-for-stangda-dorrar-2019

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