truth in space

Sometime around November or thereabouts, an email appeared announcing to little fanfare, a release that had just appeared on band camp from folk calling themselves Truth in Space. The sounds within ignited one of those rare moments whereupon I was immediately in touch with my former child like self. A child of the 70’s we went through it all, glam, teenybop, punk, new wave, disco and no matter which way your musical compass pointed, all had their finest moments in this oft derided decade. Yet as a youngster, surrounded by and, deeply influenced by both music and the space age, the primitivism and early infancy of electronic music forged an unbreakable bond that paired these two elements offering a soundtrack to the sci fi novels whose ideas and visions I was becoming aware of. Of course until we were accidentally honed to Peel frequencies, our taste in electronica was confined to a more crystalline pop palatability, the type of which made fleetingly brief approaches in the charts, stuff like Space, Cerrone, Bowie, Donna Summer and of course, Jean Michel Jarre of whom this slightly prolonged ramble seeks to introduce to the mix here. Pressed up on a limited cassette run, just 82 in total and earning the patronage of Polytechnic Youth who in addition have afforded it, its own PY catalogue number (82), Truth in Space’s self titled debut release is a quantum hop back to those minimalist silver age days. Fastened onto a nostalgic motorik Moroder murmur, ‘truth in space’ glides with a silvery simplicity that’s kosmically kissed with a sumptuously infectious orbiting binary pop pristine that in truth sounds like Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene pt. 2’ inviting Gershon Kingsley’s legendary ‘Popcorn’  out for a game of lunar ping pong with Joe Meek as referee. Full reviews to come shortly.  

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