mirrored lips

Many thanks to Steve over at Cruel Nature records for sending over the latest batch of ear wigging cassettes, four of them in total tumbling out of this wonderfully though criminally underrated low budget imprint. First up on the listening block ‘Сексуальность неуместна’ by Mirrored Lips of whom we have no information on alas, but strongly suspect might originally hail from Russia. This one comes in a limited 100 only cassette print and sonically defies easy categorization, well loosely at least because once your ears have adjusted to their burn then there’s no denying that a sense of agitated frustration oozes from these scabbed grooves not least as evidenced on the distractive and damaged discordance of the unravelling psychosis blistering through the scuffed up angular scowl of the brutish ‘Катя Кейт Катюша’. Those fancying something a little more straight ahead, dare we say pop potent moment of the set, might be inclined to seek out the seizure inducing ‘Falling In Love Again (Can’t Help It)’ which comes replete with a super cooled whiplashing and face gnawing white hot festering feedback chorus assault fashioned on to a back line artillery of needle sharp spidery riff shimmies (very Fall-esque). Elsewhere, the zig zagged intricately wired art pop grooved jazz gouged dislocation of the math manic ‘August 5’ comes timer primed straight out of an Albini / Fugazi bag of twisted and turbulent tricks. That all said, we here though are rather torn in trying to decide on our favourite moment. The affection count closely split between ‘mermaid’ and the parting ‘Отпуск без конца’ with the former a slab of decaying unstable that wavers surreally between dizzily dreamy interludes and a fraying caustic cool of maddening strum slavishness and the latter a snoozing curtain closer replete with feedback rumbling riff snores and sleepy sighs. https://cruelnaturerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/–3

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