monks road social

Staying with Wonderfulsound, this ‘un is due for adoring just about now, we’re assuming an albums worth of smoking groove from the Monks Road Social and friends entitled – I think – ‘the coming of Grace’ – a little something which I’m certain we’ve mention in previous dispatches. Anyhow this particular track, coincidentally called ‘the coming of Grace’, features a certain Dr Robert and the Stone Foundation both gathered here for what is a spiffing slice of gospel soul perfect for a Sunday morning listening and a spot of inward reflection. With its jubilant sprays of horned jubilance and the good Doctor at the height of his game engaged in serving up a richly smoking and stirring sermon, it hard to resist its brightly beaming healing feel good radiance.   

Those of you fancying more of the same will do well to tune into the labels head honcho Miles’ broadcasting service whereupon the Wonderfulsound libraries from the heart of Soho radio serve up an eclectic mix of soul, pop and cool library lounge.

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