territorial gobbing

Second up from the Cruel Nature sound factory, a 50 only cassette press of the excellently named Territorial Gobbing’s ‘gubbins’, a more edgier affair this time of asking, which in truth is the kind of thing you’d imagine hanging out on the Tesla tape label. A haunted micro world moreover, a wasteland of fractured memories and orphaned ghosts lost in a hazy wilderness of skittering beats, dysfunctional dialects and fractured electronics who together forge an abstractly misshapen mosaic that’s dampened and gloomed in a detaching shadowy macabre. A clever and intricately weaved palette, origins principally spooled from an industrial terrain though coded with a glitching subterranean flavouring that instantly locates you in a deeply menacing and unfamiliar environment with opener ‘where wolves fuck’ setting the ground rules with its glooming kaleidoscopic chill. ‘every other day. A sneer’ does little to lighten the listening pleasure, its disfigured and fracturing psychotropic palette weaving a claustrophobic madness of nightmarish proportions with the mind harvesting eerie of the dub doped ‘eat your manager’ serving only to accentuate the unease and displacement. Both ‘moniker’ and ‘glass melts like spit’ are pure insectoid frequency twiddling, (the former on a more threatening noise arc) the type of which that had us mourning the much missed days of Scotch Tapes and its sibling Frequent Sea while strangeness abound subsumes the dark dream like isolation that grates the minimal nothingness of ‘Trod Into Carpet And Smeared Up The Wall’. https://cruelnaturerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/gubbins

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