good shade

While we were checking out the Weddoes cover of ‘jumper clown’ this ‘un pushed its way in demanding listening attention. Would I be right in saying hints of the Cardiacs with a just the merest smidgeon of the Buzzcocks to boot, ricochet from this like sparks from a Catherine Wheel. This be Good Shade, a track from their fourth album ‘way out’ through dirtnap records, this one going by the name ‘must have been’. A rollicking slice of raucous teen fried pop that twists, drags and pulls you all over the shop with such acute dayglo damaged urgency that I’d be surprised no one gets bruised in the panic attacking melee. A track that demands a scramble to hit the repeat button given its blessed with the kind of insanely infectious riff kick which once inside your head is likely to party hard and pogo the night through.   

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