Susanna and the Brotherhood of our Lady

Here’s your rarefied sprinkling of wow to colour your listening grey, this ‘un comes pulled from an incoming set ‘garden of earthly delights’ by Susanna and the Brotherhood of our Lady through the Susanna Sonata imprint. Rooted somewhere on the classicist edges of both 4AD and Mute, ‘Ecstasy X’ is a beautifully entrancing dark spirit possessed of an imagining of Dead Can Dance as were, seen through the viewfinder of Goldfrapp. Strangely sensual yet similarly supernaturally spell charmed, ‘Ecstasy X’ woos, weaves and wanders the void like apertures between reality and dream (or nightmare depending on your perspective), a twilight magic land gloomed in a shadowy forevermore of custom and ritual, where spirit walks a solitary voice both haunted and yet, siren like atop a stark and sparse forest folk funereal itself etched with the sinister and subtle seasoning of minimalist electronic implants. One I suspects for all those whose listening loves concentrate on spectrums inhabited by labels such as A Year in the Country, Reverb Worship and Sonido Polifonico.  

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