the coathangers

I’m pretty certain we’ve an email or something or other lurking about our person about these folk which we’ll endeavour to root out at the earliest convenience. Again another tripped across via sound cloud I’m afraid, this be the Coathangers through the ever perfect Suicide Squeeze imprint, a track pulled from their incoming ‘the devil you know’ full length called ‘bimbo’. Stupidly infectious, beautifully bitter sweet, cut much in the likeness of the more razor wired moments from the achingly missed Sarah spectrum and just a tad ear burning. This ‘un shifts from sighing cuteness to strutting frenzy in the blink of an eye, adorable art pop one moment dinked in a dreamy summer soothed twee fried seasoning replete with twinkling chords and lazy eyed harmonies, the next erupting into a scowling strum scorched chugging see ya later vibing. Does it for us.

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