tim presley’s white fence

Yowzah! Now this is bordering on the ridiculous now, we’re in the middle of January and already there’s a congestion of killer releases parked up in our to do list patiently awaiting mention, like this little nugget for starters. Peeled from a forthcoming full length due next week through the ever so perfect Drag City, Tim Presley’s White Fences’ ‘I have to feed Larry’s hawk’ looks like being one of the years early runner benchmarks to which all will be judged against. Sent forth on scouting detail to woo you, ‘neighbourhood light’ literally smokes with a coolly eyed lazily hazed vintage whose off kilter and somewhat reclined road grooved huskiness might just have some of you distracted by sleepless nights imagining how some late night studio collusion between a super chilled Television and the Modern Lovers might pan out.

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