analogue electronic whatever

As hapless and useless as we are, in all the hullabaloo leading up to the end of the year, we’d omitted, well reneged, on a promise to come back to the rather tastily chilled Analogue Electronic Whatever cassette release ‘since year dot’ – (see here for original sightings ). Seems the folk over at Polytechnic Youth have been a tad taken with these dudes to the extent that at least two planned releases have been confirmed for this alone, the first of which an incoming lathe cut 7 inch featuring two tracks from that aforementioned cassette release (which – last we checked – two minutes ago, was still available to grab – ). Both ‘you never did’ and ‘buzzers and bells’ come cut from a vintage cloth that’s been lovingly dipped, seasoned and scented in an authentic sounding ’79 – ’81 minimalist electro pop vintage, the former mentioned studiously studded with a darkly spectral and bruised desolate glam weaved decadence that to these ears had us minded of a very youthful Soft Cell conspiring with the criminally underrated Fad Gadget with their flamboyant wings seemingly clipped by the ice cold string pulling puppeteering of a bleakly cooled Modern Eon. ‘buzzers and bells’ on the other hand offers insight into the AEW knack for the oddly impish and playful (see ‘Mickey’s on Drugs’) which aside delightfully possessing the pure pop elasticity of New Musik in so much as its infectious hook honed melodic pre-setting, also freefalls, though one suspects, not intentionally, into the worlds of library sounds with this ‘un mimicking with aplomb, those arcane Summer Seaside Special Shows and various kookily kitsch Saturday morning children’s TV themes of the day.

While we are here, as though we can’t apologise enough, here’s the demo version of ‘electric car’ with hints of Karl Bartos accompanied by a suitably apt old school silver screen moving picture show …….

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