Around here, we’ve always had something of a soft spot for Toy, enabled with the ability to punch you clean out in a Hookworms type way whilst or simultaneously hollowed and helpless facing down your own vulnerability with some of the finest smoked bruisers encountered by our turntable in recent years (see the epic glam radiance of ‘my heart skips a beat’). New full length just out titled ‘happy in the hollow’, from it this is the acutely cooled and understated cosmic love note that is ‘mechanism’. Liable to catch you on the blind side, from some distant fixed point in the great astral wilderness, this crystalline nugget purrs, pouts and pulsates to a mellowing motorik murmur spraying from its vapour hazed orbital, trace elements of kraut, soft psych pop and galactic glam which together coalesce radiantly to form wave upon wave of lunar lulling hymnal euphoria which unless ears do deceive, have something of a pop pristine eat lights become lights about their wares.

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