neil hamburger

Call it an odd and weirdly bizarre coincidence or a peculiar alignment of the kitsch, but this ‘un drifted dreamlike into our listening space just when we were done watching an old documentary / feature on Andy Kaufman that we’d rescued of an old VHS tape (remember them folks – what fun we had with them sticking, snarling up in the machinery or else playing back all warped and fuzzy), during an early spring clean. Meanwhile back on the player, up pops a new thing by Neil Hamburger called ‘little love cup’ accompanied by a rather charming stop motion video that’s heading out through Drag City and I’m thinking hell’s teeth it’s Tony Clifton the is it or isn’t it one time alter ego of Andy Kaufman, here found spreading a little joy, love and light in a world so miserable, so unfair and so dark and yes it is a bit late night cabaret, yes its indelibly kitschy with just a touch of the Bacharach’s but the orchestrations, sentiment and sheer rush of innocence in an age of the selfish hits with a nostalgic twist that’s sorely lost to modernism, and anyway what’s up with a spot of love, peace and harmony , ah maybe in the next world as some poetic with was once heard to utter.

Touring shortly …….
14/3/19 @ Recordbar in Kansas City, MO, USA
15/3/19 @ The Ready Room in St. Louis, MO, USA
16/3/19 @ The Mill in Iowa City, IA, USA
17/3/19 @ The Racoon Motel in Davenport, IA, USA
18/3/19 @ Slowdown in Omaha, NE, USA
4/4/19 @ Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, CA, USA*
5/4/19 @ The Independent in San Francisco, CA, USA*
17-22/6/19 @ Soho Theatre in London, UK
23/6/19 @ The Bread Shed in Manchester, UK
24-29/6/19 @ Soho Theatre in London, UK
*w/ Meat Puppets

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