come on feel the noize – volume 3 – viva mexico

A little brief taster of something we’ll be heading back to at the weekend, the third volume of the blog that celebrates itself’s ‘cum on feel the noize’ series, this particular set honing its radar on Mexico’s rich and varied underground scene. As said just a brief teaser on this short stopover with three tracks immediately establishing adoring rapport with our head space, the first of which is by Pure Morning, alas not the same Pure Morning who would later hatch as Clinic and during a brief point in the 90’s persistently cause a state of turntable restlessness each time we flipped one of their prime platters for another clearly inferior record. Instead this lot purr amid the kind of softly surrendering bliss burns that once upon a time wooed admirers of such esteemed record labels as Bus Stop and Summershine with ‘louder’ seamlessly shimmering into listening spaces previously inhabited by the likes of the Orchids and Another Sunny Day. Somewhere else there’s Knives’ ‘linnea’ causing a fair amount of swooning around these parts not least because of its airless noodling and dream draped ripples of angel sighing arpeggios which I must admit admit, had us for the best part with half a mind to go rummaging for our treasured Workhouse platters of olde. I’m fairly certain we’ve encountered OCEΔNSS in passing missives, these dark post punk industrialists found here serving up the shadow lit ‘Neuromancer X’ are certainly disciples of the Clock DVA school, this ‘un emerging doom draped from a haunted psychotropic fusion of early Batcave, Sisters of Mercy and Throbbing Gristle phrasings with the only fault I can find, being it disappointingly ends abruptly. As said back again with this very soon if only to mention Has a Shadow and something quite stunning from Telephone Exchange.

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