no entrails

Just ordered our copy of this, so I guess that means no excuse for you folk not to. Another of those limited cassettes from the Liquid Library sound house, this one we’ll be returning to for a fuller mention once we’ve bagged our own physical copy. A three way split no less, going under the collective title ‘No Entrails’ and featuring the skewed and meniacal sounds of Carnivorous Plants, Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony and Territorial Gobbing the latter of whom whose name should ring with familiarity given we were blown away by their recent Cruel Nature appearance. Anyhow a track apiece for this fleet footed mention which in Carnivorous Plants case is their sole contribution. A sub 15 minute sonic sand storm, ‘ice disease’ is just relentless, a fixed stare hell storm of skree excess, a bit like staring into the pit of oblivion and finding Bill Horist rising from the apocalyptic blizzard casually tuning his guitar and certainly something that out to chime well with those folk who subscribe to the searing sounds emanating from out of the At War with False Noise imprint, brutally beautifully. As to Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony, (are you sure we haven’t mentioned these folks previously?), they playfully serve up three tracks, out of which ‘scared shitless dub’ we frankly took a shine to not least because it has a shadowy etching that locates at the Throbbing Gristle end of the spectrum as were, in some impromptu sonic séance with a clearly spooked out Butthole Surfers. Territorial Gobbing appear to take up most of the duration of ‘no entrails’, into the bargain registering six tracks of impish imperfection of which for now, our curiosity has centred around ‘tape as balloon’. As odd, disturbing and indeed, displaced as their Cruel Nature adventure yet here inscribed with a degree of playful humour as opposed to their previously dysfunctional nightmarism. Again throwing itself into the more crookedly sonic playgrounds of the much missed Scotch Tapes scene, though here fused with the willfully abstract toning of those Frank Wobbly and Sons folk and here I’m thinking elements of Tigerbeat6 and a deranged Casino vs. Japan cooking up some mutant mirth manifestation following a night spent listening to early Residents platters doing beastly things to an innocent balloon.

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