the bordellos

A quick message from Brian Bordello the contents of which we’d share, where it not for the fact that we are experiencing glitches and gremlins with Facebook, which among other things is intermittently refusing to open in messenger and allow any replies to messages. All good fun, not and another reason why I’m so hateful of technology. Anyway grumbles aide, I do seem to remember, mention being made of a stash of stems for tracks so far left shelved, to which he and Dan are currently looking at polishing up for possible release, beyond that, it all goes misty. One thing though that did attract attention was news of the instalment of the Bordellos on going underground tapes series, this one being the nineteenth. As with previous volumes, this again features four rarefied cuts sourced from demos, alternate takes and various radio sessions, the latter of which this particular outing features two with ‘I may be reborn’ and ‘little bird’ respectively pulled from recordings made for Dandelion and wat2, the former a drift away forlorn tempered with a tender tailoring with the latter etched with a sordid underlaying that hints of Lou Reed. As ever, there’s the inclusion of the occasional sore thumb, one this occasion the mantle being taken up with much aplomb by the seriously frazzled and frayed garage gouged lo-fi leer of ‘we dig the fire’ which to these ears sounds not unlike a seriously late night and wired the Misunderstood in a truly caned mode. Mind you by our reckoning you can’t go far wrong with ‘STD (sexually transmitted dance)’, by our reckoning the best thing here by some distance, if only for the fact that it finds the Bordellos stepping outside their skin to forge a caustic winter land of detuned post punked technoid teased psychotropia whose ice woven whittling has something of Scanner about its wares albeit as though sneakily rewiring a Fall orphan while Smithy was out in the studio courtyard having a quite smoke.

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