everest magma

Expect fuller reviews of this in the coming days, new from Boring Machines, one of three releases being prepped by the label for March arrival, this one by Everest Magma entitled ‘minus plus escapism’ from off which for now, we’ve been a tad taken by ‘A04’ (sorry but there doesn’t appear to be any titles to these dandies). Anyhow, the longest track on the set, clocking in at seven minutes, the time well utilised with this strum shimmering sortie tracing a rather radiant psyche folk path whose somewhat sunny overtones and hazily honeyed wistfulness finds itself faintly touched with the same strangely woozy and out of step kaleidoscopia that endeared the debuting Animal Collective full length ‘Spirit They’re Gone Spirit They’ve Vanished’ to us. What immediately strikes you listening to this is the harmonic richness that Rella manages to craft from just guitar and voice, especially love the momentary spiritual weird ear mind arranging sequence that kicks in around the 1.05 point. Certainly something that ought to appeal to those Dungen admirers among you which after a brief brass band recital (I kid you not) resumes it’s messing with your head to smoke its way out to the end grooves sounding not unlike a tripping Brian Wilson sharing a bong with Prana Crafter which all said by our reckoning is prime stamped cool ear fodder.

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