maps and diagrams

Another release we promise there’ll be full reviews for over the course of the coming days, apologies for the lapse and sheltering from being under the weather. This is ‘Amarra’, a track pulled from a forthcoming Maps and Diagrams limited release entitled ‘Azurescens’ which if memory serves me well is pretty imminent. Best described as the resulting effects of adding mushrooms to your recreational diet, this fully immersive inner space astral, of course deserving of headphonic solitude, serves as a journey to the heart of the consciousness, an instant repair kit for the weary, the wounded and those feeling compromised by life’s put upons. Here awaits a cerebral playground from out of whose core, a pulsing hypnotic reverberates, radiates and ripples with liquid crystal clarity drowsing you in a state of graceful bliss, very mellow, trance toned and trippy, resistance is useless, deep breath, close your eyes and just lose yourself in the healing transcendental showers.

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