Currently in the throes of kicking ourselves senseless for missing this, seriously there will be an extended period of glumness and teeth gnashing for the rest of the evening. This one flashed up and disappeared in a matter of seconds from the Norman record site, sold out of their extremely limited stash while there was us scrambling to get a connection at work and failing miserably, its not a good look, weeping inconsolably in front of your colleagues and neither is banging your head on your desk in abject frustration. Anyway, to celebrate 10 years of providing cool sounds, Mexican Summer decided to have a birthday bash type thing, whereupon attendees where given copies of an exclusive vinyl pressing featuring a whole host of unreleased cuts from such folk as Ariel Pink, Allah Las, Dungen and Drugdealer. Just 200 copies where pressed, the surplus being made available on the label website with just a handful scattered to the four corners to be sold at select indie stores.anyway its called ‘Mexican Summer: A Decade Deeper’ and from it, a little teaser from Arp going by the name ‘Il Sogno Di Monica’ which I’m sure you’ll agree appears to freefall into the demurring slipstreams of both Beautify Junkyards and Le SuperHomard in so much as its wonderfully crafted softly seductive lounge lulled ethereal spiriting. and

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