the delaware road

What links an aborted war experiment in 1941 with one of the trendiest sound houses in the 60’s. What dark secrets are locked away in the Corporation’s Delaware Road studio and who are the Pheidians and what, if anything, does this all have to do with two creative souls somehow unwittingly caught in a conspiratorial web of intrigue or perhaps, worse still, the supernatural. Nazi’s, sacrificial ceremonies and secretive sects (hidden both in and out of plain sight) lurk in the shadows of the acid fuelled late 60’s liberal lounge spots of London’s cool counter culture, a landscape that forms the backdrop to ‘the Delaware Road’ – a six part cold war psychological thriller from the good folk at Buried Treasure. Without wanting to get bogged down with the credits and stuff, we’ll momentarily hand over to the label to tell you more …. ‘A5 colour / b+w 20 page illustrated screenplay written & produced by Alan Gubby. Additional prose by David Yates. Illustrated by Jarrod Gosling, Wayne M. Miller, Luke Insect & Nick Taylor. Individually numbered, limited edition of 100 presented in a protective clear sleeve’. An alternate history, perhaps the result of an altered collective consciousness, ‘the Delaware Road’ is deliciously grained in an authentic detail that’s chilled with echoes of Nigel Kneale’s aural paranormal (see ‘the Stone Tape’ and ‘Quatermass and the Pit’ both dealing with matters relating to sonic residue and telekinetic disturbances). The play centres on Iain Parker and Cissy Wakefield, two highly respected, though anti authoritarian, sound alchemists (who may, perhaps be, loosely based on the Radiophonic Workshop’s Delia Derbyshire and John Baker) who discover a dark secret that may have far reaching consequences for society, all this appearing to lead to the mysterious Corporation, who we learn have their shadowy tentacles immersed in the very pillars of society, politics, business and beyond, who through careful manipulation have seemingly controlled the populace, like puppet masters, by means of misdirection and mischief. In so doing, they have choked the resistance of such centuries old beliefs and customs, one of which, the Wicca Rift (a sect who follow and practice the old ways) engage the help of Cissy, who they find and gain the trust of, when its discovered that she has no memory of her whereabouts since being fired from the Delaware Road studio some three years earlier. Is this amnesia the result of coming into contact with tape reels found at the complex or the result of a far more sinister enterprise enacted by the Corporation. Are the Wiica Rift to be trusted?More importantly, what of Iain? And what really happened on that fateful night in 1941, the secret of which is contained in those tapes and just who is Captain Bergier? The plot, as they say, thickens.

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