yves malone

We do love unsolicited messages, especially the ones that you suspect have been sent purposefully after a deal of careful research to ensure willing ears might greet them with over joyed fondness and not the result of some blanket bombed mail out of clearly delusional folks with ambitions way above their talents whose product even a mother couldn’t love. Happily, Yves Malone falls into the former category having got in touch via Facebook advising us of ‘”a synth-driven slab of O.G. electronica, heavy on feely soundtrack atmospheres, and glued together with Krautrock vibes.” Really how could we resist, the album incidentally, is titled ‘beyond the before’ – alas no how or where you can pick up this nugget, I’m guessing all the required ordering information will be in place next time we revisit it, for now though, we’ve found ourselves a tad taken by the sets longest track, the curiously titled ‘Arnold Tongue’. One for headphonic enjoyment I suggest for this sub 12 minute caressing kosmische cutie is perfect for unwinding to after a miserable day at the 9 to 5 office coal face and boy are we having plenty of those lately, so bad that a pillow is beginning to be a standard requirement for our workstation yawn. But enough of that, for this ought to appeal to those among you fully versed in all things Polypores and Pye Corner Audio, all panoramically poised and demurred in rippling pools of sleek n’ svelte swathes of star crushed lunaromica, all very trippy and meditative in texture and a touch teased in floaty washes of astral allure all of which appears ripe for nocturnal chill tipped destressing. That said, matters soon shape shift with the enabling of a more progged out species fusing the chemistry, think Craig Padilla / Astralasia, whereupon a more mind wandering and airless soul toned skin adores the presence of this eclipsing cosmic leviathan.

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