midwich youth club

Much welcomed note from Allan Murphy to say a selection of sonic impishness has just been released under his more familiarly fried Midwich Youth Club alias. A five track eye poking EP entitled ‘eat your own face’, a wonderfully woozy nostalgic broadside cut with a deftness of vintage that you swear he could casually knock these out in his sleep, opening with the finger pointing ‘do you think motorik has been overdone’, a star sighing space hopper all smokily tousled with a demurringly exotic flightiness which to these ears has an air of Fly being retooled by the twinned mind set of Echoboy and the Simple Kid. Those fondly remembering Rowan Atkinson’s legendary get up as Marc Almond in a sketch where he was being interviewed by Annie Nightingale (Pamela Stephenson) for a spoof OGWT skit on the immortal Not the Nine O’Clock News, will warm to the disarming schizoid giddiness of ‘the stormtroopers of grief’ where to the crystalline clinical futurism of a ‘pleasure principle’ dialect, the wayward unravelling of ghosts in the interface begin to whirr and eerie. Some welcomed dub (which to be truthful, we seriously never get to feature around these here pages), emerges in the form of ‘Attack of the 50ft bass’ whereupon the super chilled Orb hive mind finds itself immersed in the era of a radiation warning 50’s b-movie sci-fi landscape. ‘Cherry’ is straight out of the Mick Karn teamed up with Bill Nelson work book, strangely goofy in a prime time children’s TV hour type way yet invested with enough serious savvy to have the Japan loving ‘Face’ reading elitists of the day, caressing their pointed painted chins to, while posing and preening in the mirror wondering to themselves whether or not, stripes across the face and regal battledress might be the next fashionable wear down the Blitz. ‘birthday boy winter warmer’, yes I know there’s a joke to be had here somewhere, but really, can we swiftly move along at pace. Best thing here all said, an orbiting carousel sprayed in dub drifts, clockworking corteges and murmuring motorik motifs all cosmically chiming out a starry serenade of Scott, Barrons and FortDax-ian call signs. https://midwichyouthclub.bandcamp.com/album/eat-your-own-face-ep?fbclid=IwAR2ofuOuZq6AXq2s9dihGITq_y6XbL25znMm3dZwglTSxXBmKTOpC6sHbRI

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