pull the plug

Its been far too long since we last mentioned Johnny 7’s (hope your over THE flu) very excellent ‘pull the plug’ show for Resonance FM, which incidentally we actually tuned into yesterday to hear a killer Japanese free jazz special, but we’ll save talk of that for another time. Anyway, as said, been a while, we will get back on track and make a fortified effort to feature these little briefings as and when they air. This latest broadcast, originally transmitted yesterday, features a smattering of recent Polytechnic Youth essentials, notably the title track from that recent and very desirable Truth in Space cassette release which I’ll say now is cut from the kind of space gazing crystalline electro cool chic that in truth had us attracted to the worlds of electronic pop all those years ago courtesy of Jean Michel Jarre’s landmark ‘Oxygene’. All things being well, Gabe Knox’s very excellent space symphony ‘ABC’ will be the subject of much review love this weekend, herewith ‘Glacial Drift’ which I’m certain we’ve mentioned previously, one for the Kraftwerkian purists among you I’m suspecting, that is if you don’t mind Germany’s most famous robots rewired by a ‘Scene 30’ era Echoboy. Elsewhere, two cuts from the recently mentioned (here at least) killer EP from Midwich Youth Club with the delightfully tongue in cheek Teutonic kosmische cruise controlled kooky ‘do you think motorik has been overdone’ still responsible for the outbeaks of adoring rashes around these here parts, not unlike a three way sonic summit gathering Echoboy, Fly and A Simple Kid folk. While its left to ‘the Stormtroopers of Grief’ to see the show to its finale with some nifty ‘Pleasure Principle’ styled groove and an impish hint of Rowan Atkinson’s Marc Almond thrown in for good measure, something we’d like to think that ought to appeal to those Quimper and Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin folk among you. Last but by no means least, Fred Und Luna make a welcomed return in our affections with ‘Im element’, an exquisite slice of lulling lunar hypnotics best experienced beneath the snoozing glow of the moon n’ stars and something very much subtly sculptured in the affectionate image of a fondly fragile Plone in cahoots with a murmuring ISAN. Out through Compost incidentally,all of which we will be attempting to track down during the weekend. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-14th-february-2019/

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