The shortest track from the newly pressed doom doped full length from Belgium’s Olddwvrms entitled ‘Codex Tenebris’, this be the light consuming dark herald ‘A l’or, aux ombres et aux abîmes’ which aside perhaps providing the set with its lightest moment, is armoured with a grizzled and gnarled dense prowling weariness that had us for a spell in dire need of immediate reacquiatance with those early brutish salvos from a youthful Therapy. Slavish and devoid of optimism, this dead eyed doomsayer grifts and drifts across the lands leaving only the hope of death and decay in its exacting and predatory wake. In a word, chillingly colossal. https://olddwvrms.bandcamp.com/album/codex-tenebris?fbclid=IwAR3H4VOz2StLQ4bMnldBGw9rnM9yneg2YhO7TrRVh7kFJNTfy6PysBXUB3Y

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