A note from Ivor to say the latest Bigflower happening has landed via band camp on one of those pay what you want deal type things, aptly titled ‘sunshine’ – we say aptly because right at this very moment our listening space is currently under the warming gaze of a sunny spray which I must admit kind of accentuates the uplifting mood of this tingling slice of noise pop effervescence. On initial listens, I minded to say, comes kissed with that type of caustically cool pop thrust splintering that in another time and place, adored the crafted grooves of platters bearing the name Dinosaur Jr and those from early incarnations of the Boo Radleys and Moose while courting a particular pre Oasis period of a Creation’s more crystalline and feedback fracturing era. In short, adorably awkward and cutely affectionate with it.

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