flake brown

Something of a last minute addition to the evening listening schedule, an overly extended afternoon nap (sorry – but needs must) means that planned mentions for Gabe Knox, the Honey Pot, Visage Pale and a rather curious though altogether listening essential from Ashley Reaks, might now need to be rescheduled for feature early in the week. You won’t be too surprised to hear that the links for this have so far led us down a huge rabbit hole, so any hopes of ordering his cassette ‘in a far off place’ through Witan Fols have for now, disappointingly drawn a blank. That said, perhaps a little patience might well reap rewards aplenty especially given the evidence provided by the teaser cut ‘the Gypsy Rove’ that’s currently doing the rounds on you tube. One, I’m suspecting, for all you Scott William Urquhart, James Green and David A Jaycock folk, this is the shyly retiring Flake Brown who according to master lathe cutter Phil from 345RPM, is oft prone to recording the odd nugget in his shed whilst kitted out in his lucky wellies (obviously alongside various jumpers and jeans and other attire), if it does the job then why not. And does the job it does for ‘the gypsy rove’ is a fleet fingered idyll that’s smoked, smouldered, mellowed and distilled in an old country vintage that collected together makes for a deliciously idling porch swinging pretty both warmed and yearning of a lost yesterday.

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