rw hedges

Staying with Wonderfulsound a little while longer, here’s a newly spruced moving picture show to accompany ‘night owl’ – a track culled from RW Hedges’ full length ‘the hunters in the snow’. Happily it makes up for us missing his recent headline spot at La Violette Societa which we’re kicking ourselves senselessly for missing out on, really must get out and about and perhaps keep abreast of the listings. Anyway this is just pure class, cut with a rarefied artistry you rarely hear in these days of disposable pop, something that had me connected momentarily to my younger self at play as a toddler in the lounge, while my mum cued up the records on the hi-fi as the rich deep tones of the immaculate sounding Roy Orbison filled the room. Hell’s teeth, this is gorgeous, with it woody resonance and smoky allure, a beautifully love noted dream away of crafted classicism with just a hit of Del Shannon skulking in the shadows.

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