the hi-fires

Quietly stuffing our mail box of late with limited edition lovelies, WonderfulSound’s subscription services allows for membership fees to be paid on a monthly basis rather than in one hefty 6 month or even heftier 12 month hit. Membership gets you bi-monthly package that features all manner of goodies that include a limited signed 7 inch and various inserts. Latest to drop, a debut outing by the Hi-Fires entitled ‘C’est pour qu’un jour’, this one comes accompanied by a limited still from the new video, a Spotify Playlist featuring music that inspires The Hi-Fires, a bonus DL track NOT available on the forthcoming full length ‘’The Meaning’ and a Wonderfulsound 45rpm Adapter, oh and of course the 7 inch, signed of course. There’s something tastily kooky dashed with a sultry allure about ‘C’est pour qu’un jour’, a lightly coded tang sprayed in a 70’s lounge exotica dialect adores it with a hazy though irrefutably sun peeled lazily glazed reclining, which seductively fused from an array of Eastern, Mediterranean and Latino elements, blossom with such effect as to bathe and blush it into a wonderfully tripping and lilting mosaic of sound.

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