hunter complex

I’m sorry but we might be relying on Lars (Meijer) to give us the necessary reminder kick about this particular release in order for us to pick up the threads, so to speak, at a later date, well a day or three at least (the memory wanders these days and just isn’t the same as it wasn’t – if that at all makes sense). Is that some random person then, this Lars bloke, you might be thinking, or can anyone administer the proverbial kick, whether in a reminder capacity or physical (and I suspect there’s a fair few out there who’d happily opt for the latter if given the chance especially given the painfully slow rate that these reviews churn). Lars Meijer for those not quite up to speed, trades as Hunter Complex who incidentally has recently had its rather superb ‘open sea’ full length picked up by the esteemed Death Waltz imprint, which all said is no mean feat. As said in this long winded lead up, we will be returning to this very soon, though for now, our radar has been a tad taken in the interim with opener ‘night city’ and ‘white sunlight’, the former which I’m happy to say strays into the vintage filmic crush of mid / late 80’s soundtrack electronica. For here the lightly sprayed kosmische toning is affixed with a purring pop pristine that irrefutably checks and nods to Jarre’s near immaculate ‘rendez-vous’ whilst absorbing and assimilating elements of Vangelis’ more panoramic palettes to lushly smoking, orbital effect. Hitting all the affection buttons simultaneously,‘white sunlight’ assumes a readily more darker and brooding persona, a nocturnal lone star teased in crystalline cosmic caresses and freezed in a sparse spectral splendor whose ghosting shadow play peers into the futuristic landscapes mapped by ‘Blade Runner’ and John Carpenter’s AI environs via his ‘Lost Themes’ collections.

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