the delaware road – ritual and resistance festival

A chilling cold war collage, more so, a haunting herald of coming events set to occur and disturb in the coming months when gather the extended elements of the Buried Treasure family for ‘the Delaware Road – ritual and resistance festival’. Not so much an excerpt or teaser, more a warning from the future, or maybe the past if that is, you’ve been keeping abreast of the intermittent chapters that have been surfacing on the labels bandcamp site of ‘the Delaware Road’ screenplay. Tapping into the eerie environ of both the worlds of hauntology and conspiracy theories, ‘the Delaware Road’ provides for a chilling parallel time line set around the discovery of dusty reel to reels by two creative lights working in the medium of experimental sound and the overseeing presence of the mysterious Corporation. Its Kneale-esque tone tingles and terrors with a Quatermass-ian eerie pitched in darkening detachment and a surveillance sinister, a world within a world where the constructs of magick and the arts of the old aren’t mere nightmare fancies, but a realism spun anew in a modern society where the mores, customs and standards have slipped back and broken down. The inter dimensional presence of Dolly Dolly wearily presides over the ceremonial sabotage within, a watcher whose gaze extends beyond the mere trivialities and constraints of time, space and beyond. In his wake, playing with merry macabre an array of sound alchemists collectively conspire to create a soundscape that at each turn is at once disorientaing, dreamy, demurring and dread draped with dire dystopic deeds.

Festival tickets available here:

Official website:

Graphic novel available here:

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