gogo yubari

We put out a call out for noisy, sadly we only got one response, (incidentally many thanks to Marie Small Bear records) but hell’s teeth, what a response. This is Gogo Yubari (who I’ve an itchy feeling we’ve mentioned on previous occasion), with the drop dead discordant cool that is ‘The Yes Yes Sound Of Gogo Yubari’, a set that aside being out for a while now, squirms, slinks, scowls and scabs with a squalid seasoning that re-affirms your faith that out there somewhere, there are folk still in the game for pricking ears with rabid rawk. Ridiculously on a pay what you want deal, the band preferring you donate to charity, preferably these folk – http://www.refugee-action.org.uk – ‘the Yes Yes Sound …..’ is a killer shoehorning of primitive garage white outs, fourteen in all all opening with the racous blues scuffed rumble of ‘Andy Warhol’ which had us much minded of the 68 comeback in a feral festering dance off with Monkeywrench, a little something that ought to appeal to those of you missing your regular doses of Sympathy for the Record Industry and Estrus grizzled grooviness. Those having lost nights in fits of sleeplessness wondering what might result from an unholy union of Gallon Drunk and Inca Babies types will do well to fill up with your chosen drinking poison and raise a consoling glass to the broken and twisted bluesed out souring that lunges forth in the shape of ‘a permit to the count’, think seriously weary and wasted Flaming Stars. Last mention here (we’d happily cover the whole album but I fear the gushing would reach a point of embarrassing), ‘Calamair’ is a whole crap storm of scabbing fury ravaged in walls of festering feedback the type of which puts it in the Sonic Youth school of all is not well. https://gogoyubari1.bandcamp.com/releases

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