the hollow dolly

One of those, look what we tripped over on bandcamp moments, in fact it was the b-side that had us somewhat wounded and cowered. This be the Hollow Dolly, a duo who hail from Istanbul, with what appears to be their debut outing with the sombrely titlecd ‘I’ve seen the future it is murder’, part 2 of which being the cut that grabbed our attention, a ghostly goodbye of sorts, perhaps more so an epitaph all softly pressed and purred upon a beautifully chiming key braid that sighed and soured by a delicately soothing melancholic ghosting (very John Barry-esque it should be said) which at its core a teared and tortured disembodied narration echoes with a tenderly head bowed bruising. In truth, the lead cut isn’t that bad at all, opening to the sound of artillery fire from out of which, emerging through the choking smoke, an ethereal last stand wanders torn and scarred ushering in a hymnal solemn whose spectral tethering is intricately weaved with a kindred artistry that’s brushed in the mercurial image of both Felte’s Public Memory and dream pop demurrers Cigarettes after Sex.

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