pull the plug

Episode 393 of Pull the Plug’s weekly transmissions might well be their finest yet not least because it pricked our earlobes with two scabbing snot nosed cuties from the much admired Born Shit Stirrers who random readers of these optimistically though awkwardly assembled musings will be all too aware, have featured with much fondness and adorning of bunting mainly because of their refreshingly indignant two fingered salute in the face of a world gone maddeningly PC, anyhow a serving of ‘dumb cunts’ and ‘kill your fucking boss’ is a balancing of the scales in our gaff at least, look its called tongue in cheek, only done at a pogoing 200mph dash, ‘depressed fathers club’ is essential hardcore ear fodder, over and out. Next up, maybe just me, but isn’t The Cool Greenhouse’s ‘cardboard man’ the coolest thing you’ve heard so far this year, well excepting the latest from the Gaa Gaa’s which (its coming later pop heads) I promise will blow you away. Now this ‘un is irrefutably schooled in all things early Fall, now hold that thought a minute and imagine the same only this time played by some secret alliance back in the day between say, Devo and Talking Heads with a passing by Iggy dragged in to do vocals. Absolute class, sadly alas, the limited cassette its pulled from is long since sold out, now that has buggered my day up. Equally proving themselves to be no slouches in the cool stakes, the Shifters’ ‘john Doe’s colleague’ is kissed with a fixed stare wonkiness which unless I’ve been struck senseless over the head by an incoming heavy projectile, had us imagining a love in between they might be giants in cahoots with apples in stereo. If it weren’t for the appearance of the Cool Greenhouse and Born Shit Stirrers we’d be bestowing the shows best track award on the head of John Myrtle’s ‘Cyril the Slug’ – an absolute and wonderfully eccentric slice of woozily warped kaleidoscopia indelibly schooled in the ways of Syd Barrett with a side serving of the Small Faces, the Murmurs of Irma and Giant Paw, seriously once heard forever hooked, off shortly in search of more. Similarly wonky and disturbed by the spirit of Barrett is Paint’s deliciously warped sounding ‘land man’ while not so much making up the numbers but rathermore decorating your listening space in a bliss toked hue, Drugdealer dreamily demur with the coolly countrified hymnal ‘be thou by my side’, a warming slice of vintage Americana smoked and sveltely sighed not to mention turned with some of the finest steel opines you’ll hear in an age. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-21st-february-2019/

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