the bordellos

20th volume of the Bordellos ongoing ‘underground tape’ series, which as a recap for the unfamiliar, has basically provided a platform for the issue of previously unreleased tracks / alternate mixes, radio sessions and demo edits unearthed in an extensive trawling through the bands considerable sound archives. As previously, another four of these rarefied cuts have been gathered which arrive described in passing by Brian Bordello as ‘this has some noisy stuff on it and even a bit ramshackle ….. ‘, an assessment appreciably given full weight by the opening greeting of ‘bring me the head of justin beiber’. This version, recorded live in Ant’s living room and rendered somewhat dumbed and numbed, dysfunctional and dead headed by a pre-meditated creeping edginess. Better still is the noise niking post punk analogue tech blank generationed ‘evaporate’, the sore thumb of the set and something that might well encourage the momentary curious ear of those more attuned to those labels currently trading in old school cold war electronica, sounds to us like This Heat impishly let loose in Cabaret Voltaire’s studio. Those familiar with the early 7’s put out by Pavement before they became everyone’s favourite band might do well to fast track to ‘dance’ as soon as possible not least because its charmed with the same lo-fi wonkiness as might imagine the mixing tapes being foolishly left out in the sun to wonderfully warp in a strangely becoming weird wiriness. And seriously don’t get us started on ‘Arthur Lee’, this version pulled from a Neil Crud session for Tudno FM, sounding wonderfully weary and wasted, just love the point where everything starts unravelling and losing its shape n’ focus at 1.30 odd mark.

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