you don’t have to be fashionable – volume 7

As promised back earlier in the week, rounding up that latest and very excellent ‘you don’t have to be fashionable’ compilation from the folks over at the with a Messy Head sound house, this incidentally Volume 7 (see for previous visits). Picking up the threads with Chiens De Faïence whose slow burning dream pop drizzled ‘When I Ask’ is kissed with a curiously affectionate rash both awkward and cute. Taking matters somewhat, down to a murmur, Matthew Hattie Hein’s ‘High High’ provides for a strangely wheezing listening experience that’s schooled in woodland spirituals and beset with all manner of slow forming lolloping creaks the type of which whose off kiltered and airy creeping resonance had us recalling a very youthful Black Heart Procession. I must admit to being mildly taken with Liquorice’s somewhat skewiff sounding ‘Schiff/Schaf’ which aside being blessed with a most desirable carefree head in the clouds rainy afternoon metering, the kind of which, itches with a Sarah-esque bedroom DIY lo-fi lilt, is here served with a delightful warping matter of fact casualness. Elsewhere, there’s a most becoming ghost rider-esque cool attaching to Ray Kosmische’s smoking desert ghosted ‘The Glow Of The Sun’ that radiates with a late 60’s classicism while Adventure Team turn in the wonderfully distractive though irrefutably upbeat buzzing effervescence of ‘Summer Friends’, a little something I’m sure will prick the ears of those much attuned to the back catalogue of June Panic. Best of the batch though without doubt is by our reckoning Broken Jokes’ ‘light night’ – something of a slow burning gem that admittedly takes a little while to draw you in, its quietly hushed spell charm both intimate and intricate, weaved with a spectral tenderness delicately entrances with a dream like resonance that could easily imagine it be the joint handicraft resulting from a studio notes swapping session between the Butterflies of Love and Low.

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