john myrtle

We’ve been a tad discombobulated these last few days which has had the impact of having us a little behind with the planned reviews, so apologies for that. Mind you with the appearance of what’s being described as a ‘heatwave’, hopefully the radiant rays of warmth will dig us out of this temporary malaise. But enough of that. Cast your minds back just a few days, specifically the last ‘Pull the Plug’ transmission, whereupon the tracklisting for, perhaps the shows finest airing, I mean anything with the Born Shit Stirrers deserves a favourable heads up, had tucked away, a track by John Myrtle going by the name ‘Cyril the Slug’, a Barrett-esque whimsy indelibly trimmed in an olde English psychedelic peculiar which in case you missed, I’m fairly certain there’s a video traipsing along at the foot of this ramble. Us being curious souls, decided on a little wander around cyberspace, as you do, in search of more and upturned this little gem – the b-side in fact. ‘spider on the wall’ is gorgeously crooked with a warping wonkiness that owes much to both Roland and Hitchcock albeit, as though refracted through the lenses of the cleaners from venus. Classy in a word.

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